Let’s Know more about Aquatic Rehab

Let’s Know more about Aquatic Rehab

aquatic rehab

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Aquatic rehabilitation is an integral part of the sports rehabilitation discipline. It makes full use of the natural characteristics of water and the basic physiological and biochemical knowledge of water sports to treat and train exercise subjects, so as to shorten the rehabilitation treatment period and restore life and work ability as soon as possible. an exercise method.

Basic Principles of Aquatic Rehabilitation
Aquatic rehabilitation is an integral part of the discipline of sports rehabilitation, so the basic and special principles of sports rehabilitation must be followed during practice. The basic principles of sports rehabilitation refer to the basic requirements and basis of universal social significance that should be followed in modern sports rehabilitation. They are more general and objective requirements for sports rehabilitation, rather than having individual and specific characteristics.

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During The aquatic rehabilitation working, aquatic rehabilitation equipment like aqua bicycle, underwater walking machine, and aqua jump are the most popular items among patients and all resorts and rehabilitation center. If you want to buy some aqua fitness equipment, just feel free to contact us.

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Our aqua bikes are made of stainless steel SUS304, which is a kind of food grade stainless steel materials. It’s widely used in rehabilitation center and regular swimming pool gym club, patients or trainers can have a lot more fun than usual training.