Do you know water rehabilitation therapists and the advantage of aqua pool bike?

 By Evoke Industries Co.,Ltd     Jessie Ma

Whats is a aqua bike?

An Aqua bike is a fitness bike used underwater in a swimming pool. It’s often used for water rehabilitation therapists and elderly persons or injured persons treatment and recovery training. In recent years, it is more and more popular with more young people who want to do a workout without pressure, the aqua bike has been widely used in both rehabilitation centers and swimming pools or resorts or hotel pools. Usually, it’s made of stainless steel 304 which is the same as food-grade steel, it can prevent rusting in water.

Swimming Pool Hydro SPA Fitness Aqua Bike
Swimming Pool Hydro SPA Fitness Aqua Bike

What is a rehabilitation therapy aqua bike?

Water rehabilitation therapy is also a physical therapy method, which refers to a medical method that uses the physical properties of water to improve body shape, treat diseases or help the recovery of body functions. It belongs to the branch of rehabilitation medicine.

Water healing originated in the twentieth century, but in fact, hydrotherapy can be traced back to ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman times, as early as 2400 BC, in Asia and Greece, people have immersed themselves in water for therapeutic and religious purposes.

IATA-CHINA, the China branch of the International Aquatic Rehabilitation Association, officially settled in Beijing in September 2016. It is the only qualification organization in China that authorizes both international and domestic certification. As a unit recognized by the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, IATA-CHINA provides vocational certification and continuing education courses in China.

Aqua bikes used in resorts, and loved much by tourists.
Evoke Aqua bikes are used in resorts and are loved by tourists.

What is the advantage of aqua bike?

Compared with other forms of physical therapy, water rehabilitation can greatly reduce the patient’s pain, shorten the recovery time, and improve the patient’s compliance and proprioception during the treatment process. Therefore aqua bike is an effective supplement of water therapy training.

Aqua bike is a excellent therapy partner for everyone. In addition to the positive effects of water rehabilitation aqua bike on the respiratory system, water rehabilitation can:

relief the pain

Improve joint range of motion

Increase limb functional flexibility

coordination and proprioception

Improve balance and stability

maintain an active and healthy lifestyle

Enhance physical function,

More fun than just swimming. etc.

aqua pool bike
aqua pool bike

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